Monday, June 9, 2014

The Philosophy of Wahdat ul Wujud and Wahdat us Shuhud
By Aftab Ahmad, New Age Islam

08 June, 2014

In many verses the Quran speaks of the omnipotence, pervasiveness and immanence of God. It says that God is everywhere and with everyone all the time. Man cannot see him but He can see everyone and everything. He listens to the call of His servants and is closer to him than his jugular vein. These are the essence of the Quran and so there is no need to quote the verses that exponent this message.

These messages are not present only in the Quran but the nature of God has been described in all monotheistic religions and all the divine scriptures. Therefore, verses describing God’s pervasiveness, omnipotence and immanence are found in all the religions scriptures. Particularly, in the Quran, in Bible and in the Vedas verses of such an import are present. The verses in the Quran ask the people to try to come close to God through meditation, remembrance and spiritual concentration. The Quran asks the followers of Islam to feel the closeness of God, the omnipotence and pervasiveness of God and thus remove the barriers between God and man. A verse tells Muslims that if man does not fill his heart with God’s remembrance, the heart is occupied by Satan who leads hi

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