Friday, June 13, 2014

An Open Warning of Dire Perdition to the Neo Khwarijite (Hatred Inspiring and Terror Mongering) Ulema of Pakistan – The Ideologues of TTP, Jaish e Muhammad and Their Likes
By Alishah Qalander, New Age Islam

12 June, 2014

This article is inspired by Tariq Fatah’s just posted piece, ‘Truth Must Prevail”

Wanton terrorism and crude barbarism in the name of Islam is only on the rise. One of their Fatwas dated March last year called upon the members of Pakistan armed forces to carry out acts of sabotage with whatever arms, ammunition and even crude material they could lay their hands on such as dumping sand into the engine of a naval ship or using kitchen knives to slay colleagues. It had promised heaven to anyone who could pull a trigger on Malala. Late last year a terrorist outfit (al-Shabab) shot and killed the non-Muslims selectively in a Nairobi Westgate Mall, followed by an unbroken chain of terror attacks and suicide bombings all against innocent Muslims and Christians in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq, and just the other day, the Boko Haram kidnapped some two hundred girls from a hostel in Nigeria. The acts of terror apart, these ideologues are setting precedent in Sharia Law that will put the entire Muslim community on shame. The latest example being awarding the most barbaric punishment for falling in love – both in Pakistan.

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