Thursday, October 31, 2013

Up To 91,000 Girls under the Age of 18 Give Birth Every Year in Turkey: UN

Turkey women MPs wear headscarves in parliament — File photo

Turkey Women MPsWear Headscarves in Parliament
Activists Call For Social Awareness to Curb Adolescent Pregnancy
Saudi Women’s Catering Success Attracts Major Hotel Chains
‘Pakistani Rural Women Still Deprived Of Their Rights’
STD Virus Vaccine for Eighth-Grade Girls: Rabbis and Religious Communities Say No
Women of the Wall Divided as Dissenters Refuse to Budge from Women’s Section
Baby Ghadi's Religion Isn't On His Birth Certificate, a First for Sectarian Lebanon
Kenyans demand gang-rape justice in police petition
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Political Parties Urge Khaleda to Sever Ties with Jamaat, Hefazat

RT Photo / Nadezhda Kevorkova

South Asia
Political Parties Urge Khaleda to Sever Ties with Jamaat, Hefazat
Ambassadors warned of international restrictions if president not elected by November 11,
After years of living in fear, Afghan interpreter lands in US and out of danger
Uighurs scorn Tiananmen 'terrorist' claim
Militant activities spreading in China, experts warn

Southeast Asia
Ex-Jihadist Says Prison Best Place to Recruit New Terrorists
Malaysian parents still believe the country is a good place to raise kids
Muslim group says RM10-million Klang temple will send out wrong message
Perak Perkasa wants action over YouTube clip mocking court ruling on Allah

Islamic Extremist Attack on Nigerian Provincial Capital Leaves 128 Dead

 Malaysian Muslim women in a mosque in Shah Alam. Bishop Paul Tan says Muslims should hold a referendum on whether they want Shariah imposed on them. pic by Najjua Zulkefly, October 30, 2013

Islamic Extremist Attack on Nigerian Provincial Capital Leaves 128 Dead
Suicide blast in Tunisian resort of Sousse
Mali govt lifts arrest warrants against Tuareg chiefs

Russian Orthodox Church opposes birth control in predominantly Muslim region
Dagestan’s Plan to Bring Home Muslims Studying Abroad Unlikely to Work
Navi Pillay: Maldives Supreme Court Is Subverting the Democratic Process 
World Uyghur Congress urges calm and caution after Beijing incident on October 28, 2013
Government Forces Ramp Up Activities in Dagestan after Volgograd Attack
World Court should opine on Israel, says expert

What Muslims Really Think (Part I)

By Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam
October 30, 2013
In 2001, The Gallup Organization began the most extensive public opinion poll ever taken of the Muslim world. Gallup, Inc., is a research-based company which conducts surveys in 160 countries and its site says “and is committed to doing so for the entire century.”1
In 2001, this global performance-management consulting company decided to go on a journey in which they would go door to door and ask the Muslims what they think about issues like polygamy, gender justice, 9/11, Israel-Palestine and a range of other issues.
Muslims come from every country of the world and they speak every language of the world. Only about 15% of Muslims are Arabs and obviously all Arabs are not Muslims. The largest percentage of Muslims actually lives in Asia, especially in South Asia. And a considerable Muslim minority thrives in the West. That is the reason the survey was mostly carried out in Muslim majority countries.
John L Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs or Georgetown University, says that the poll found that what Muslims actually think is against the conventional reality that is presented in the media and the stereotypes prevalent in the Muslim as well as non-Muslim world.
The Clash
The Clash of Civilization theory is based on some assumptions. The first one, probably the most important is the idea that Muslims around the world do not share democratic values; they don’t understand or value freedom of speech, they don’t value gender justice, they look at representative government and think that it leads to chaos and corruption. 
Hefazat-e-Islam, Bangladesh: Its Doctrines Are Brazenly Un-Islamic

By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, New Age Islam
30 October 2013

Supporters of Hifazat-e Islam pictured holding wooden stakes in Dhaka as they begin a rally to support a countrywide shutdown

Bangladeshi woman journalist Nadia Sharmeen aged 26 who was beaten up badly by the Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh goons, now appears to be more courageous, committed and determined in her journalistic career. Being a Muslim woman, she has every Islamic right to continue with this decent and dignified job. Therefore, she speaks out in clear, strong and spirited words leaving some straightforward questions that create sparks in every thinking Muslim mind and require us to find their answers from the Hefazat-e-Islam ideologues: 
“Why would I give it (journalism) up because of some cowards? Who are they if not cowards? When 50- 60 or more of them beat up one unarmed woman? Is that their way of showing respect to women? How can they claim to be protectors of Islam when they treat women this way? How can they protect Islam if they can't protect a woman journalist at their own event?” (Political Islam & the Elections in Bangladesh, a report by Frances Harrison)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where This Cruelty Comes From ये क्रूरता कहां से आती है

खुर्शीद अनवर
28 अक्तूबर, 2013
धार्मिक कट्टरता जब तमाम सीमाएं तोड़ने लगती है तो सबसे पहले महिलाओं को निशाने पर लेती है। कभी उनका पूरा दमन करके कभी उनको इस्तेमाल करके। जो बातें वेदों में, ‘मानस’ में कहीं नजर न आएं उनको मनगढ़ंत स्मृतियों में और रोज पैदा होने वाले उपदेशों में देख लें। ताज्जुब है कि इनमें समानता भी बहुत होती है। मसलन, हिंदू मान्यता में धर्मजनित अंधविश्वास कि मासिक धर्म के दौरान महिलाओं के लिए क्या-क्या वर्जित है, इस्लाम में भी देखा जा सकता है। मगर इसे ज्यादा तूल देने के बजाय देखना यह है कि किस तरह धार्मिक कट्टरता पागलपन का रूप लेती है। वहाबियत ने ठीक वही काम किया। हमारे देश में जो हो रहा है उसकी झलक खुद-ब-खुद मिल जाएगी।