Sunday, October 27, 2013

If The Muslim Nations Disappear From The Map Of The World Today, What Harm Would It Do To The World? Dr. Hamid Abd ul Samad Says: 'Almost Nothing'

By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam
October 22, 2013
I stumbled upon a book titled “the downfall of the Muslim world” authored by an Egypt-based German novelist and historian Hamid Abd al-Samad. In this work, he seeks to cover the Muslim world's major problems to be faced in the next thirty years. He opines that the Islamic world is plagued with the persistent downfall due to a number of reasons such as the impending drying up of the oil wells, scarcity of forests and breeding lands, increase in the deserts, rise of sectarian, ethnic and economic tensions that continue unabated, as well as a large population of Muslim countries migrating to the west and Europe.
The author believes that Islam did not give humanity anything new or worthwhile. He makes out that the Muslim world will reach the climate of decay and downfall within the next two decades with no remedy for their ills, except for a miracle that alone can save them from their misery.
Highlighting the important reasons behind their decline, the author points out that Muslim countries lack in economy, active and constructive educational system and intellectual temperament. He believes these "devastating disasters" will ultimately result into their downfall, and avers that that the structure of the Islamic building has already got impaired and is now going through the final stages of its falling. He adds that Muslim nations did achieve a measure of progress in the middle ages when they came in contact with other civilisations and, hence, derived inspirations from them. Thus, they embraced a sort of intellectual openness that led them to benefit from the works and sciences invented by other civilisations.


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