Monday, October 14, 2013

Sudanese Female Pilgrim Regains Eyesight in Prophet's Mosque

The cover of a booklet distributed by Hindutva vigilante squad Hindu Rakshak Samiti urging people to ‘save Hindu girls from the terrorism of Love Jihad’. Photo: Special Arrangement

Female Teachers Must Cover Face If Male Students Have Reached Puberty: Libyan Grand Mufti
Top BBC Muslim Woman Broadcaster Says No To Islamic Dress Code
Hindutva Vigilantes Target Hindu-Muslim Couples
Nairobi Mall Attack: ‘White Widow’ Taunts Detectives
Granddaughter of Khomeini Says She Hopes to Start ‘A Colour Revolution’
Taliban Intimidation Backfires As Malala Inspires School Enrollment Surge
From Poverty to Violence: Yemen Child Brides Sold To Abusive Men
Malala says she’s No Western Puppet
Grameen Bank Women Directors Dismissed After New Law: Bangladesh FM
In Pakistan, New Focus on Rape after a String of Deadly Attacks on Children
Female Guides Duties Differ But Serve Haj Pilgrims with Verve
Distinguish Between Killers And Mujahideen: Slain Cleric’s Mother
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