Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GHETTO THINKING OF THE MUSLIMS IS APPALLING: Maulana Azad's take on prohibiting the polytheists to enter the Ka’ba any further

To Everyone participating in New Age Islam Forum
 Ladies & Gentlemen,
 As-Salaam Alay-Kum
 Candidly speaking, I was dumbfounded to read the comments of so many pertaining to Maulana Wahiddudin’s article titled, “Muslim Separatism is Un-Islamic. The spirit of Maulana’s message was to enlighten us about how the Muslims of modern days have drifted towards “Identity Conscious” ways of living which has helped to trigger the defeatist mentality. Maulana Saheb has correctly pointed out that such an unnatural identity-consciousness has produced “ghetto country, colony, institutions and society.
 I say “GHETTO THINKING” is what we the Muslims are skilfully applying in many of the Islamic forums across the world. This particular on-going discourse on New Age Islam has pretty much gone out of context. Muslim minds are now very deeply entrenched into focusing only on the categorised versions of Hadiths: The Sahih or Genuine; the Hasan or the Fair; and the Da’if or the Weak. Though, I have not extensively studied the “Hadith, nonetheless, I respect the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In fact, after reading  some of the truly derogatory remarks coupled with a personal request by the Editor, Sultan Shahin, I decided to participate by making a handful of comments only to be frightened by the onslaught of unruly and unintelligent remarks that struck back.       

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