Monday, October 14, 2013

Malaysian Court Rules Use of 'Allah' Exclusive to Muslims

A picture released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights of the car blast on October 14, 2013. (AFP)

Southeast Asia
Malaysian Court Rules Use of 'Allah' Exclusive to Muslims
Church to fight on after “Allah” decision, says court ignored evidence
Syattariah followers in Aceh perform Idul Adha prayers today
Allah ban affects all Bahasa Malaysia Christian publications, says religious group

Arab World
Islamist militants destroy Sufi shrine in eastern Syria: Activists
Car bomb kills 20 in northwest Syria's Idlib: NGO
Syrian opposition group refuses to attend Geneva peace talks
Kurd state will not be achieved by violence: Barzani
Islam strictly forbids terrorism, says Grand Mufti in Hajj sermon
Assad: Loss of chemical weapons is blow to Syria's morale
Lebanon needs donations not loans to ease refugee crisis


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