Monday, October 28, 2013

Falsehood of Fustian Priestly Labels

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
October 27, 2013
Generally the call for class less human society is taken as the call for unity of religions, tolerance and acceptance of their diversity. However this call is made across the whole spectrum of interaction of human society in Quran 6-159, 3-105 etc. Application of holly labels are one of them.
The Fustian labels entrench holy and plebeian grades among people causing division of mankind
Historically the triumvirate of The Pharaohs- potentates, the Hamans-priests and the Korahs-the super wealthy; the powerful oppressive class were there in the past and are here now. But the Oppressed class often revolted against this un-natural division.
The Apostles all, have attempted to break the class barriers. Moses argued with the mighty Pharaoh and his priests, Buddha enlightened mankind with the same message by his own example and Jesus turned the tables on money lenders and took-on the temple hierarchy, and Muhammad took practical actions against the powerful temple custodians, to that effect.

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