Monday, October 7, 2013

Preservation of the Quran: An Objective Probe (Part 3)

By Syed Manzoor Alam, New Age Islam
October 7, 2013
Now in this final article we can move to the next area. The first question the some people might say that Muslims’ approach to the Quran is different from the High Criticism of the Bible. When the High Criticism began in the 19th century to verify the authenticity of the Bible (both Old and New Testament), the only way of verification was through manuscripts. And the shocking thing is that these manuscripts are not even in the original language.
For example Jesus spoke Aramaic but there is no original manuscript found which Jesus spoke till date, what we have is the translations. The Christian world boasts of twenty-four thousand manuscripts of the Bible but no two are identical. The Old Testament was originally in Hebrew and the New Testament was in Greek and in parts Aramaic; however we don’t have the original Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament.
So the only way for the Jewish and Christian scholars to objectively study the Bible was to go to these manuscripts (remember these were not original ones) that were available in museums, some archaeological findings might confirm or disconfirm and the debate still continues. It is quite strange to know that these western scholars apply the same approach to dealing with the Quran. Like I said earlier if all the copied of the Quran would have been destro

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