Friday, October 25, 2013

On China’s Call, Pakistan Bans 3 Outfits Active in Xinjiang

 Women grieve for a loss of a man killed in a bomb attack during a funeral procession at al-Amel neighborhood in Baghdad, Iraq, on Monday. (AP)

On China’s Call, Pakistan Bans 3 Outfits Active In Xinjiang
Pakistani Taliban using toxic chemicals in bombs new worry
Pakistan secretly endorsed drone strikes: report
ANP leader kidnapped in Quetta
Pak expats demand justice for US drone attack victims

Arab World
Iraq Facing War of Genocide by Al-Qaeda Militant Group, says Nouri al-Maliki
Attacks in Iraq kill 48 in two days
Egypt Islamists call for protests over Morsi trial
Soldiers killed, 72 suspects arrested in Egypt’s Sinai
Bahrain teen killed by his own bomb
Power returns to Damascus, say opposition sources
Only Syrians decide who leads Syria: Ministry

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