Monday, June 23, 2014

Belgium: Muslims to Use Their Mothers’ Surnames
Photo: Iran Won’t Let Women Watch the World Cup
In World Cup, Muslim Preacher Says Women Might See More Than Just Balls
‘Compensation’ Plays Havoc with Muzaffarnagar Riot-Hit Women
Pakistani Woman Raped, Killed and Hanged From Tree
Moroccan Women Forced To Practice Prostitution In Gulf Countries: UN Report
Girls Disguised, Raised As Boys Is a Ritualized Practice in Afghanistan
How a Turkish Girl Broke the Heart of a Shah
Iran Won’t Let Women Watch the World Cup
Saudi Shura Council Mulls Allowing Women to Drive, Though Only Abroad
More Money Needed For Education to Help Girls Like Me: Malala
With 219 Girls Missing, Nigeria Kidnapping Inquiry Concludes
Girls' School Plan for Former Walsall Pub
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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