Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pakistan: Where Have All The Pious Nationalists Gone? Why Don't They Condemn The Terror Outfits Even When They Kill Pak Army Soldiers? Should The State Still Continue To Befriend Enemies Of State?
 Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

9 June 2014

On June 4, two senior officers of Pakistani army, Muhammad Zahir and Lieutenant governor Arshad Hussain Rawalpandi were killed in a suicide attack in Jhang, an area adjacent to Rawalpindi. Indeed, it was an irreparable loss to the state army of the country. But do you know what is more deplorable? Not a single religious cleric or political leader in any part of the country took out a procession against this nefarious incident of terrorism. The reason is not difficult to see. One cannot have the temerity to openly speak or stiffly oppose the terrorist goons who subscribe to his own ideology and the same school of thought.

Where are now all those religious leaders, politicians, and nationalist mullahs who were in limelight, just a couple of weeks ago, for their strong demonstrations against a certain media outlet that put false blames on the Pakistani army? Where did they disappear just after they took out procession after procession in every village, town, locality and every major city of the country? Not even the religious anchors and TV presenters who were actively engaged in sensational televised programs could muster courage to speak a few words condemning the killers of the high officials of the Pakistan army. Neither Hafiz Said nor Hafiz Raza, Chaudhri Shujaat or Shaikh Rasheed opened up or spoke any words against them. Not even Shaikhul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahirul Qadri expressed his concern over the tragedy, while Mr. Imran Khan remained completely speechless and silent onlooker. This is how our religious clerics and political stalwarts demonstrated their religious tradition and political acumen.

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