Friday, June 20, 2014

slam- Peaceful or Problematic?

By Aiman Reyaz, New Age Islam

19 June, 2014

There are basically four major reasons why many Muslims (many in numbers, but little in percentage) are turning towards terrorism: firstly, wrong interpretation of the selected verses taken out of historical and even textual context. Secondly, a belief that Islam’s destiny is to master every other religion and that it is superior to every other way of life. Thirdly, media’s exaggeration of the negatives of the Muslims, showing, in many instances half truths. Finally, those who have been oppressed- they think that they have no choice but to take up arms.

The question ‘Is every “Muslim” action the same as Islam, can be answered by posing another question as ‘Is every “Christian/Hindu” action the same as Christianity/Hinduism”. What defines an Islamic act is its conformity to the two primary sources of Islam: the Quran and the authentic Hadeeth. And even when interpretations are made there are certain rules that need to be observed. So anything short of these two primary sources is a mere religious opinion or fatwa. And ‘Fatwas’ (opinions) of even scholars are not infallible.

The root word of Islam comes from SLM, which means Peace, Submission and even Purity. Take for example the words derived from the above mentioned root: Muslim (SLM)- One who submits; Yuslim (SLM)- to submit; Aslama (SLM)- submitted. Based on the linguistic origin, then the religious definition of Islam means to attain peace with: God, oneself, and other creations of God (other humans, animals, vegetation and biodiversity).

There are basically five objectives of Islamic way of living or law: first, safeguarding of faith, not just of oneself but of others and giving them full freedom and never to use compulsion (2:256); second, safeguarding life (5:32); third, safeguarding the mind (5:90); fourth, safeguarding honour (17:70) and finally safeguarding property.

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