Monday, June 23, 2014

Iran to Hang Abused Child Bride
Iraqi woman watches from the gates of her home in Mosul in 2008
Morocco: A Member of Istiqlal Party Says ‘Prostitution Boosts National Economy’
Woman Protests over Dowry Demand In Malaysia
SR633 In Alimony: Is It Enough For A Divorced Woman?
New Police Department in Egypt for Crimes of Violence against Women
Wartime Violence against Disabled Women Often Ignored
Iraq Women's Shelter Responds To Growing Crisis
Yemeni Women 'Can Save Nation', Nobel Laureate Karman
Australia: Protest Planned for Muslim Women’s Group Meeting
CAIR Names Ohio Attorney Roula Allouch as National Board Chair
Fearing loan sharks, Indian nurses stuck in Iraq don't want to get back home
The Muslim Council of Britain: Barbaric Practice of FGM Is Un-Islamic
Local Threads: Saving Embroidery One Stitch at A Time
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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