Friday, June 13, 2014

here is no denying the fact that the negligence towards educating children and depriving them from a basic human right enshrined in the very first chapter of the holy Qur’an (Surah al-Alaq) is prevalent in the Arab countries. This is a deplorable immoral attitude towards the essential Islamic edicts which are generally violated in the most parts of the Arab world. And this is precisely what resulted into the abysmally deteriorating conditions of Arab children thrown to labour at a very early age. These children are physically exploited, psychologically dumped and intellectually shackled in the Arab nations. To a large extent, poverty and worsening standard of living are the major causes behind the growth of child labour in the Arab countries. Moreover, there is growing culture of ‘love for ignorance’ in some families which believe that education will bear no fruit for them in their life and career. The obsolete and disintegrated education system in the Arab schools also causes disdain for education which ultimately leads to rise in the illiteracy rate and child labour. This paves the way for many who don’t have humane conscience and sympathy for the innocent children to exploit them by employing and tasking them with strenuous works beyond their physical and mental capacity.

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