Friday, June 27, 2014

Jihad al Nikah, a Takfiri trend among the jihadists in Syria and Iraq has the support of the Salafi muftis. The self proclaimed warriors of Islam have endangered the honour and dignity of Muslim women in their captured territory by their diktat that Muslims should offer their daughters in temporary Nikah to the warriors of Islam who are away from home and wives for months. Earlier, during the civil war in Syria, a Sunni mufti of Saudi Arabia had issued the fatwa urging girls to offer their services to the warriors. Following the fatwa dozens of girls from neighbouring countries had set out for Syria. One man even divorced his wife to enable her to offer herself to the ‘holy warriors’ and both arrived in Syria. However, the fatwa did not make it mandatory for the Muslims to offer their girls to them. So only those who believed in the legitimacy of the fatwa and wished to serve Islam were expected to follow the fatwa. Another mufti Yasir al Ajlawni went to the extent of saying that the fighters should rape the non-Sunni women, particularly Shias (more specially the women of Bashar Al Assad’s sect Alawite). Non-Sunni included Christian and other non-Muslim communities as he presented the precedence from Quran citing the verse in which Melk Al Yamin mentioned meaning ‘all your right hand possesses’.

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