Friday, June 27, 2014

Syrian Radicals 'Brainwash' Kidnapped Kurdish Children

Photo: ISIL propaganda

Arab World

Syrian Radicals 'Brainwash' Kidnapped Kurdish Children

Syria Launches Air Attacks against Sunni Muslim Extremists in Iraq

Iraq's Shiite Cleric Vows To 'Shake the Ground' Against Militants

Al Qaeda’s Syria unit pledges to support ISIS

4 questions ISIS rebels use to tell Sunni from Shia

Syria carried out Iraq border strike on ISIL militants, Maliki tells BBC

Lebanese Government Fails to Impose Stronger Entry Measures on Gulf Citizens

Catastrophic damage and flooding in Iraq? Sunni militants advance toward large dam

El-Sisi at African Union summit: 30 June saved Egypt from civil war

Lebanon's Muslims despise terrorism: Saad Hariri

Al Jazeera executive helped to launch controversial UK website

Shoura thumbs down to higher education system

Jailed Jazeera reporter donates funds to Sisi's Egypt plan

Militants invite Messi to join jihad after his Goal defeated Shiite Iran

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