Tuesday, June 24, 2014

‘Honour’ Crimes in Pakistan: Couple Slain Six Years After They Eloped

An Iranian woman shopping for lipstick at a beauty fair in Iran. The cosmetics industry fares well as women beautify themselves as a form of self-expression. — AFP pic

“Why Can’t Your Husband Go With You?”  Ask Pakistan Officials
Malaysia Ticked Off For Arresting and Jailing Transgender Women
Kingpin, 6 Arab Women Nabbed As Police Bust Prostitution Ring
Female Muslim Students Living In Fear after Nahid Almanea Stabbed To Death In Essex
50 Percent of Divorce Cases in Saudi Arab Due To Compatibility Issues
2nd Saudi Woman Gets Pilot’s License
Parade of Beauty in Islamic Republic: Makeup Market Booms in Iran
Documentary ‘Soccer Queens of Rani’ Tells Story of Assam’s Football Girls
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