Friday, April 25, 2014

Rights Group Urges Nigeria's Government to Rescue Captured Girls
 The rate of female deputies was 4.6 percent in 1935 in the Turkish Parliament, the report said. This rate only increased to 14.3 percent after the 2011 general elections.

UK Enlists Muslim Women to Help Stop Syria Jihadists

Nigeria Missing Girls Figure Is 'Much Higher'

The Baloch Midwife: A Young Woman in Her 20s Is Saving Lives

African Woman Assaulted In Istanbul Denounces Racist Attack

Bangladesh’s ‘Miracle’ Survivor Marries and Builds New Life

Illiteracy Leaves 42% of Saudi Women Poor

Prisoner Pulls Shoura Scam on Female Professor

Saudi Police Ask Woman in Her 90s to Come With Male Guardian

Saudi Women Attending Foreign Meets Must Speak a Second Language

Muslim Student Association Hosts ‘Under the Hijab’ To Promote Islamic Culture

Iran’s Divorce Rate Rising

Turkey Failing To Improve On Gender Equality, NGO Says

Iranian Women’s Rights Remain Hostage to Political Infighting

The Palestinian Sisters Taking Over the Modelling World: Meet Gigi and Bella Hadid

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