Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Islam Transformed Arabs From The State Of Jahiliya (Ignorance) To Being The Torch Bearers Of Wisdom?

By Varsha Sharma, New Age Islam
30 April, 2014
Generally, Islamic scholars use a term pre-Islamic and maintain that it was the “age of ignorance” (Jahiliya). They mention that with the advent of Islam the ‘age of ignorance’ came to an end. First of all, the division of human history into Pre-Islamic and Post-Islamic eras is an intellectually unjustified interpretation of history. As regards Jahiliya, the holy prophet and his companions were of the opinion that Jahiliya was a condition of the mind and did not refer to any specific period in history. The Qur’an had changed the minds of its followers and accordingly a new era had been formed. Ignorance can disappear only when the teachings of Islam are whole-heartedly accepted and dutifully followed. That is the reason that the intellectually and socially backward atmosphere in the Arabia which existed 1400 years is still prevailing.
A cursory glance at the history of the Arabia in the sixth century A.D. shows that the Arabs were then deeply entrenched in utter ignorance and extreme darkness. It will be explicitly clear if we take a critical analysis of the conditions in the Pre-Islamic Arabia.
Arabs before Islam

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