Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kandahar to Carleton U.: Afghan Woman's Risky Pursuit of Education

   As a teenager, Maryam Sahar Naqibullah attended this school in the Afghan desert and was the only female interpreter for the Canadian forces in Afghanistan. (CBC)

2 Saudi Women Arrested ‘On Way to Join Al-Qaeda’
Growing Trend in Uzbekistan: More Money Means More Wives
Three Jewish Minor Girls Arrested For Vandalising Muslim Graves in Jerusalem
Jaafari Marriage Law Permits Marital Rape, Child Brides and Polygamy
Woman Breaks Taboos, Announces Candidacy for Lebanon’s Presidency
Political Situation Serious, Says PTI Women Wing
Ahrar Centre: 20 Female Detainees Face Harsh Israeli Penalties
Unemployment Rate among Saudi Women Hits 34%
Female Sit-In against Protest Law at Ittihadiya
Transsexual Woman Murdered In Istanbul in Latest Homophobic Attack
Iran President under Fire over Wife's "Lavish" Party
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