Monday, April 14, 2014

MJ Akbar On Why He Joined BJP And Endorses Modi
By Niti Central
Question: India's most well-known journalist MJ Akbar is with us, editorial, written critical acclaimed books, also close to Rajiv Gandhi, contested elections one from Kishanganj in Bihar in the Lok Sabha elections of 1989. Sir you been quite supportive of the BJP recently what make you take that plunge right now?

MJ Akbar: It’s very simple, look before you get to the supportive part you know, I have also been very critical of the BJP. I have in the past particularly during the riots right been critical let's be very clear about it. First before anything else this was ten years ago during the riots that we wrote these columns and wrote these comments. I was first actually expressed my deep sense of gratitude to the Congress government over the last 10 years because this congress government has answered all the questions that have been raised about the riots.

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