Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Emirati Women Embrace Abandoned Children

An opposition fighter trains young women in the Salah al-Din in this Sept. 30, 2013 file photo. (AFP)

Fast-Paced Parkour an Outlet for Constrained Iranian Girls
World Cup Is Next Goal for Soccer Teens in Hijab
Austrian Girls Leave Home to ‘Fight for Islam’ In Syria
Alleged Saudi 'No Male-Guardian, No Shisha' Cafe Rule Sparks Controversy
Afghan 6-Year-Old Saved From Child Marriage After Dad Used Her To Pay Medical Debt
Physical Education for Saudi Girls Stirs Debate
Pakistan’s Women Are Helping Identify and Counter Extremism
Hundreds of Moroccan Women Take To the Streets to Demand Gender Equality
Darfur HR Activist Details the Ongoing Suffering of Her People
Newham College Student Organises Seminar on FGM and Forced Marriage
SAARC Women Entrepreneurs’ Core Committee Meets
Saudi Religious Police Urges Crackdown on Blackmailers of Women
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