Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faith, Fanaticism and Jihad

By Kazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam
22 April 2014
A critical look into those basic elements of Faith reveals the purpose of life of a true Muslim. The life of a Muslim has a divine accountability. It is balanced and confined within well-defined moral coordinates set by the Holy Quran. Any transgression of this balance is a punishable crime in the eye of Islam.
Emotional recognition of these elements on the part of a Muslim is just the starting point towards Faith. But it is the knowledge that strengthens the foundation of his faith. The very first Verse of the holy Quran (Sura Alaq: Ayat-1-6) revealed to our holy Prophet (pbuh) was a divine instruction for acquiring knowledge. The holy Quran from beginning to end and our holy Prophet (pbuh) all through his life, have stressed on the importance of acquiring knowledge on the part of Muslims.

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