Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“Islamic” Entrepreneur Scholarship that Fuels Islamophobia

By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
23 April, 2014
The word “Islamic” today has become synonymous with scholarship of Quranic knowledge. And the Muslim world is considered as a homogeneous “Islamic” nation adherent of faith system, which has its roots in the Book called Quran.
There is the misguided view that all Muslim peoples’ actions and their practices are therefore within the ambit of a global nation and therefore the idea perhaps of “Islamic civilisation”, the same as for example the Western and Chinese civilisation. Nothing can be far from the truth!
But some knowledgeable ones, for their various strategies will even invent a practice to give it global “Islamic” tinge. For example:
-Obama administration’s political “Burial” of Osama bin Laden at SEA in the middle of the night was given as being according to “Islamic” principles!
Allegedly having killed him in an inland city Abbottabad-Pakistan, during the day, at least one thousand kilometres from the sea and dumping the dead body at night “according to Islamic principles” must top the list of inventions!


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