Sunday, April 13, 2014

Graduation Events Banned In Dammam Girls Schools for Being against Shariah

The female basketball team of Jeddah United warm up in Jordan on April 21, 2009. Jeddah United is the only private sports company with women's

Drive to End Child Marriage Stalls, but Fight back Begins
Tanzania: Need To Save House Girls from Sexual Harassments
Educated Young Tanzanians Reject FGM
UAE Students Take Part in Ripples of Happiness Programme
Balochistan Regularises Services of Over 7,000 Lady Health Workers
Saudi Woman Wins 3 Gold Medals at Geneva Expo
HRW Praises Saudi Proposal to Lift Ban on Sports in Girls’ Schools
Islamic Centre Will Better Help Muslim Women Wanting To Pray In Milton Keynes
Uzbek Girl’s Escape: FIA Investigator Suspended for Negligence
Mozambique: First Lady Warns Against Premature Marriages
South Africa: Leering Glances - The Silence on Sexual Harassment Is Untenable
Namibian Rural Women Negotiate For Safer Sex and Family Planning
15-Day Prison, 30 Lashes for Beating Wife
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