Monday, April 14, 2014

Pakistan at a Decisive Crossroad: Taliban, Pakistan Army and Nawaz Sharif Government at Loggerheads While Engaged In Peace Talks

By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam
14 April, 2014
The latest national narrative of Pakistan asserts that the ongoing attacks and suicide bombings in the country are not handiworks of Taliban or their alliances but, rather, of other unknown forces which the government is trying to trace out with the help of Taliban. But the question is, if the Talban are not behind these attacks and bombings, what purpose does the ongoing Pakistani government’s dialogue with them serve? When the government strongly believes that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has turned into a sincere well-wisher of the country, then why this long, tiring and monotonous talk with them?
On the contrary, Pakistani Taliban has, for the first time, announced that their official media outlet named “Umar Media” has been launched. It is worth mentioning that this Talibani official website used to be just a blog in its initial days, but it has now turned into a full-fledged web portal. Just a cursory glance at this website will patently reveal what the real Taliban stands for and what are their true views on the Pakistani state, army and security agencies. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan calls the Pak (pure) Pakistan army as “Napak (impure) army” and openly acknowledges responsibility for all the atrocities that have been perpetrated against the Pakistani army during the last few years. Now when the Tehreek-e-Taliban is fully enjoying one-sided advantages and privileges, it might have mended their stands on the Pakistani army. However, it has not yet announced any such amendments on their official website “Umar Media”, which is replete with extremist and very inflexible pronouncements. From this, it is explicitly clear that Pakistani Taliban has boldly denied any possibility of amendments in its primary objectives and attitudes. If the situation continues to be so, scores of innocent Pakistanis will be unceasingly killed on a daily basis despite the ongoing talks between the government and Taliban.     

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