Monday, April 28, 2014

King Abdullah’s Daughter Calls For Uprising In Saudi Arabia

Photo: Nina Ahmad, First Bangladeshi in Obama administration

Why Are Female Orphans Being Urged To Accept Misyar Marriages?
Nina Ahmad, First Bangladeshi in Obama administration
Crime against women should not be tolerated: Shabana Azmi
Pak Punjab Bill and resolution against acid attack
German court upholds school ban on facial veil
Egyptian belly dancer summoned for 'spreading obscenity' in Egypt
Rural Turkish women all wear Chanel no 5
Christian rape victim faces threats if case not taken back
Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival a Colossal Success
Teenage Women from Portsmouth ‘Have Joined Jihadist Fighters In Syria’
Egypt: Stop Mutilating Little Girls!
Poor Saudi Women Live On Sr1, 500
Kazakhstan Works On Reducing the Number of Abandoned Children
Abu Azmi Deposes before Women’s Commission, Says His Statement Was Distorted
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