Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Young Saudi Ladies Smoke ‘To Stay With the Times’

A teacher displays a flash card to students while describing measures to take when sexual harassment occurs, during a class in Shadabad Girls Elementary School in Pakistan. (Reuters photo)

Pakistani Village Gives Girls Pioneering Sex Education Class
India's Muslims Prefer Fashionable Niqab
Kids Fathered By Saudis Toil with Mothers in Syria Camps
Religion Is Being Used In Afghanistan to Deny Women Their Rights
Saudi Women Involved In 25 Demonstrations, 14 Sit-Ins
Saudis Lay Claim on Wives’ Salaries as ‘Legal Guardians’
Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Could Become a Crime in UK
Forced Marriage: Two Saudi Women File Lawsuits
16 Women Journalists on the Middle East Front Lines
Lebanese Parents Encouraging Children to Move Abroad
Proposed 'Ministry of Marriage and Divorce' Sparks Controversy
Hala Shukrallah President of Constitution Party: 'Something Has Changed'
Products by Saudi Women Steal the Show at Jeddah Wedding Expo
Arab Woman Awards KSA 2014 Winners Honoured
Bihar’s Urdu Girls’ High School to Celebrate Its Golden Jubilee
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