Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Jordan, Woman Found Married to Four in Rare Polyandry Case

Iglow activities in Probolinggo, East Java (Photo courtesy of Katie Starr)

After Tunisia, ‘Sextremist’ Femen Talk Ukraine
Discipline Is ‘Hair’ To Stay: Saudi Girl Students Told To Change ‘Wild’ Style
Afghan women face increasing sexual and physical abuse
2 Young Women Arrested For Picking Pockets in Abu Dhabi
Arab Women's Groups Partner With UN on A Development Document
Plotting For a Woman-Shaped Peace: Syrian And Bosnian Women Confer
Opening New Doors for Young Women in East Java
Pakistan Has Highest Rate of First Day Deaths, Stillbirths
Dubai Ruler Leads Tributes to Pioneering Emirati Nurse Who Died At 80
50,000 Somali Kids at Risk of Malnutrition
Blasphemy Conviction: Aasia Bibi’s Appeal Yet to Be Heard
Returned Bangladesh Housemaids Urge Govt for Compensation
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