Thursday, February 27, 2014

Protests after Women Are Assaulted and Forced To Undress In Public in Kampala

LEANING IN. Peace advocates gathered together to promote the role of women in peace building. Photo contributed by Diana Mendoza

A First for NATO: 5 Female Defense Ministers
Outcry Grows Over Abuse of Jailed Egyptian Women
FGM Victims in England Could Sue Government for Not Protecting Them
Women Launch Movement for Peace Participation in Mindanao
Comments on Divorcees Create Uproar in Saudi Shoura
Over 50,000 Indian Women Cleared To Work as Domestic Maids in Middle East
165 Saudi and Foreign Women Jailed For Minor Offenses
Sex Change Blesses Family with More Earning Hands
Row between IIU Administration and Female Students Lands in Islamabad HC
Saudi Justice Ministry Tightening the Noose on Marriage Officials
Hague, Jolie to Chair Summit on Rape in War
Compiled by New Age Islam News Bureau

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