Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jordan confronts growing threat of Salafist-jihadist militants on the part of its nationals «ألف مجاهد أردني في سورية بينهم «قادة

بقلم رنا الصباغ
17 فبراير 2014
As the Syrian war escalates to the north, Jordan is increasingly plagued by the armed Salafist-jihadist brigades and al-Qaeda militants from all sides. This old-new danger is deepening as the political and security chaos hit the region and pushing thousand Jordanians to join armed jihadist organizations in Syria.
Today, Jordan is utilizing its diplomatic weight and the influence of its intelligence apparatus to mobilize the intermittent efforts of regional and Western countries, relying on its bilateral relations and its security services to protect itself from the unbridled surge of extremist militants.
However, the fight against these forces and takfiri extremist groups that are fomenting sectarian discord among Muslims and other religious communities, will only be viable through the establishment of a regional and international system operating at different levels and axes, with protective, defensive, operational and intelligence strategies.
 “Let us acknowledge that all Arab countries, without exception, are facing the threat of armed jihadist terrorism and the takfiri ideology that opposes democracy, political and religious pluralism, moderate Islam and the values of humanity and tolerance,” a Jordanian official said.
The alternative is to foil the rise of militant groups and the cross-border danger that they constitute. Jordan should impede the communication between extremist groups of North Africa and their counterparts in other countries in the region. Moreover, it should work with other countries to put an end to Salafist-jihadist activism on the part of Jordanian nationals.

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