Tuesday, February 18, 2014

‘Panties for the President’ Protest: Lace Underwear Ban Irks Kazakh Women

Five women from Farheen’s family are in the same boat. Praveen khanna

Tunisia’s Mufti Supports Possible Face-Veil Ban on Security Grounds
Bearded Girl from UK Decides To Be Herself and Quits Shaving
Khanum, a Shia Scholar Leaves Pakistan after Multiple Life Threats
Pakistan Wins! Sidra Iqbal Brings Home 1st GR8! Women Awards 2014
Libyan Women’s “It Will Be Our Constitution” Campaign Launched with 50,000 SMS Messages
Groom, Quází Make Yale Nuclear Physicist Victim of ‘Fake’ Divorce
Hands Raised To End Violence against Women: Bangladesh
Egyptian Veiled Rapper among Nominees for Freedom of Expression Awards
Women-Only Van Service Launched In Twin Cities: Pakistan
Saudi Princess Adela Lauds Girl Guides
India supports Afghan policewomen
Women Under-Represented In All Political Structures in Nigeria
Yanbu to Have Industrial City for Women
Fund Plans Focus On Legal Rights of Working Women
South Africa Ruling Party Marches To Raise Awareness of Violence against Women
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