Saturday, February 8, 2014

Film on Jihad in “Madrasas as Source of Terrorism” Controversy

File Photo: The al-Aqusa mosque is considered one of Islam's holiest sites, situated on Jerusalem's Haram al-Sharif (Photo: Reuters)

Film on Jihad in “Madrasas as Source of Terrorism” Controversy
Crucial To Erase Misconceptions about Islam for National Peace: President AIMPLB
Religious heads of all faiths stand united against Homosexuality under KDSV

North America
New US Military Rules Allow Muslims to Wear Religious Garments
'Hug a Muslim': Comedians Come to Chapel Hill to Take On Islamophobia
Kerry: Netanyahu, Abbas entitled to express objections to framework accord
US military reluctant to put sex offenders behind bars
Treasury Department identifies another Iran-based facilitator for al Qaeda
US adds 4 Qods Force operatives to terrorism list for supporting terrorism in Afghanistan
US stops adding al Qaeda leaders to 'kill list'
Syria now 'a matter of homeland security': US official

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