Friday, February 14, 2014

wiss Muslim Institutions Oppose Inauguration of Salafi School

Judicial Insight: Crown Prince Salman Receiving Brunei’s Delegation.

Swiss Muslim Institutions Oppose Inauguration of Salafi School
Tbilisi Moves Closer to Moscow Vis-à-Vis the North Caucasus
As Hate Crimes Rise, British Muslims Say They’re Becoming More Insular
Mexican Catholics find God in Islam
Denmark to ban Halal and kosher slaughter methods
Exodus of French volunteers for Syria jihad growing: judge

Arab World
Mass Rallies in Syrian Cities to Condemn Terrorist Crimes, Support Syrian Army
Syria: Terrorists Commit Massacre in Al-Duwaya Al-Soghra Village in Quneitra
Syrian Children Dying of Hunger as Terrorists Continue Using Them as Their Protection Shield
Iraqi media also characterised by political, sectarian bias
Jihadist recruitment tops security fears in Tripoli, Lebanon
America needs Saudi Arabia
Easy homecoming: Saudis quit Syria war
Gunmen kill two police officers in Egypt's Giza district
Gunmen seize part of Iraq town, historic Baghdad market burns
Rights suggestions not in line with Shariah rejected: Zaid Al-Hussein
Syrian Kurds recruit regime loyalists to fight jihadists
Saudi prince explains why he was in contact with Israelis

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