Monday, February 3, 2014

Monotheism Of The Reformers Of Ages Was To What Purpose?
By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam
03, February, 2014
An economist lecturer seeped in her spirituality, expressed dismay at the people who believe in sole Supreme Being, the invisible, intangible God, wielding infinite authority over her kind, the intelligent human race!
“How can it be and for what purpose” asked my religious but intelligent economist sister of a non-monotheistic religion?
Although, she may not have observed closely the practices of the so called monotheist, they do worship many god’s; revere and pray to live and dead personalities and have houses and institutions to worship them in. And the latest addition is the Arabic language for Malaysian Muslims.
However two thoughts seem inherent in this one expression of hers!
Firstly, for her, it is illogical for intelligent human being to accept the concept of such an entity of god, and that such an entity if existed; it cannot demand obedience from her. And therefore to her the idea serves no purpose.
It seems though; on the basis that it has been largely accepted for ages by intelligent reformers, that there is a purpose. In human history over the millennia, messengers, philosophers, reformers and teachers have believed in and propagated Monotheism. So, it is worth reconsidering.
From time immemorial these people had grasped the concept of an invisible Authority in the universe, and saw its glory with their inner vision. To them, achieving unity and dignity for the human creation, it was the natural progression from monotheism.

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