Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patriarchy as a Major Impediment to World Peace Today

By Adis Duderija, New Age Islam
27 February, 2014
Discussions on peace are central to humanity since they force us to deal with some fundamental issues regarding our human existence, its purpose and nature. 
As we all know world-peace is much more than just the state of ‘absence of war ‘. The voluminous literature of ‘just peace’ and ‘just war’ testifies to this fact well. My purpose is not to engage with this literature directly but to offer some reflections on what I consider to be the major impediment to world peace today.
Today, we live in an incredibly interconnected world that one or two generations ago was simply unimaginable. Things we do and choices we make on a daily basis often can have significant impact, both positive and negative, on people who live on different continents, who come from different religious, cultural, ethnic or racial backgrounds and whom we will never meet in person. How our actions impact upon others, often, are not always easy to discern or to understand. Nevertheless, given our state of interconnectedness, it becomes ethically incumbent upon us to try our utmost to understand how our place in the world and things that we do (or not do) impact upon others no matter where they live or what their secondary identities are. By secondary I mean those that are distinct to us and fall outside of our commonly shared humanity.

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