Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jordan Court Rules Women Who Don't Wear Hijab Are 'Sluts'

Photo: KSA women seek parity with men

Woman May Divorce Man in Jail: Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate
Pak Civil Society Concerned About Recent Violent Crimes against Women, Girls
No Saudi Nationality for My Daughters, Says Shoura Member
Makkawi Women ‘Enrich the Holy City’s History’
Moroccan Artwork Highlights Traditions of Eastern Women
KSA Women Seek Parity with Men: Member Shoura Council
UK Muslim schoolgirls get a taste of food business in visit to Subway store
Play in UK tells of Bengali women raped by Pakistani army during 1971 war
WFP, Balochistan Govt to assist malnourished kids, women
Women Activists Are the Bravest and Most Visible Right Now
Unveiling the Face of Women in the Middle Eastern Business Landscape
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