Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Human Rights situation in Iran has not improved substantially 8 months after the election of a moderate President, speakers point out at a side-event in UNHRC at Geneva

By New Age Islam Special Correspondent, Geneva

New Age Islam Report from Geneva on a side event sponsored by:

France libertés – Fondation Danielle Mitterrand (Special)
Women Human Rights International Association (Special)
International Educational Development, Inc. (Roster)

On the occasion of the Session of the Human Rights Council
The meeting took place in:

Monday 10 March 2014 (10h00 – 12h00)
Palais des Nations - Room XXV
Speakers :
Mr. Peviz Solgi Khazai (Former ambassador, Member of the Association of the International Lawyers (Norwegian branch, Representative of NCRI in Northern Europe)

Mr. Marc Falquet (MP Geneva)
Mr. Resul Asgari (Iranian journalist with 15 years of experience)
Ms. Milicia Javdan (Chairwoman, Iranian Woman's Association in Norway)
Mr. Mostafa Naderi (Political prisoner – 10 years in prison in Iran) 


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