Sunday, May 25, 2014

Restraint and Piety Is What the Quran Suggests In Reply To Blasphemy

By Aftab Ahmad, New Age Islam

25 May, 2014

Derogatory or defamatory remarks are part of opposition to individuals. When the opposition becomes intense people violate all social and ethical norms and make defamatory remarks against their opponent and their family members. This defamation of Holy Scriptures, religion or religious personalities is termed as blasphemy.

Almost all prophets of God were subjected to defamatory and derogatory remarks by the idolaters and evil doers because the prophets opposed their false gods and their corrupt and immoral practices. This enraged the idolaters and they attacked the prophets verbally and physically. Jesus Christ was one of them. Many prophets were killed by their opponents. Those who were not killed were abused and threatened with dire consequences. They were called crazy, sorcerers and mad poets. About Prophet Noah, God says in the Quran:

“The people of Noah denied before them then they called our servant (Noah) a liar and said, ‘he is a madman’ and he was repelled.” (Al Quamar: 9)

This shows that blasphemy against the prophets of God existed before. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not subjected to it alone. Prophet Moses was called a sorcerer as he worked miracles with his staff.

Polytheists made derogatory remarks against God too when the verse asking Muslims to give loan to God was revealed. They said, ‘Lo, the God of Muslims is a wretched poor fellow who asks for loans from the people. What can he give us who himself asks for money from us.”

The nation of Hadhrat Shuaib also meted out insulting treatment to him when he tried to stop them from idolatry and corrupt practices. They said,” They said, "O Shu'ayb, we do not understand much of what you say, and indeed, we consider you among us as weak. And if not for your family, we would have stoned you [to death]; and you are not to us one respected."   “(Hud: 91)

Prophets were the representatives of God on earth and any attack on them verbally or physically was considered an attack on Him. The prophets were ordained to convey his message to the people which they did honestly and sincerely. In doing so they made many sacrifices and swallowed humiliations heaped on them by their opponents. Therefore, God warned people against insulting and attacking His prophets. God said in the Quran that those who insulted and defamed the prophets will be punished with a painful torment in the Hereafter.

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