Monday, September 16, 2013

Pakistani 'Father of Taliban' Keeps Watch over Loyal Disciples

Photo: A government Trooper Carries Some Supplies during a lull in the offensive against Muslim rebels Sunday Sept. 15, 2013


Pakistani 'Father of Taliban' Keeps Watch over Loyal Disciples

Pakistan police raid madrasas, arrest 21 foreign students

Two rapes rock Pak

Talks with Taliban: Pakistan army to pull out from Malakand in KP

PM condoles, TTP claims responsibility for killing of a Major General in KP

Pakistani Taliban make demands ahead of peace talks

Karachi operation: Rangers arrest 14 accused

K-P will stand out from the rest of Pakistan, soon: Imran Khan

Arab World

Wave of Bomb Attacks Kill 35 in Shiite-Dominated Cities in Iraq

Al-Qaeda tells Syria fighters to shun secularists

Syrian rebel infighting kills 5 near Iraqi border

Bahrain jails 3 Shias for trying to kill police

No Shariah violations at Souk Okaz, says Haia chief

Report: Jordan hosts over 2,100 Syria army defectors

Syrian opposition elects moderate Islamist Ahmad Tumeh as provisional PM

Lebanese shell beads link earliest humans to Middle East

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