Thursday, September 12, 2013

German Court Rules Muslim Girls Must Join Swimming Classes with Boys

Photo: Some Muslim schoolgirls use the "Burkini" to take part in swimming lessons

Many Palestinian Women Surrender Inheritance for Marriage
Female Police to Protect Egyptian Women against Sexual Harassment
UK Officials Must Stop 'Tip-Toeing Around Race in Sex-Gangs'
UK's 'First Female Muslim Minister' Promotes Women in Leadership in the UAE
Birmingham College Niqab Ban: There’s more Than Meets the Eye?
First Black African Woman Nominated For Booker Prize
Afghan Film Aims to Break Rape Taboo
Women ‘Rising Stars Of Emerging World’
How Israel Stopped Trafficking in Women
Women’s Complaints Units Still Struggling with Filing Firs in Peshawar, Pak
NA-5, NA-27 By-Polls: EC of Pak Inquiries Find No Women Vote Bar
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