Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Probable Effects of Arab Spring on Muslim World
By Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef (Shahbaz Nadwi), New Age Islam
November 28, 2013
During the long Muslim rule, with all its ills and shortcomings, welfare of the masses was the first priority of every ruler. After the demolishing of Ottoman Empire and dissolving the traditional caliphate in 1923, the complete Muslim world was shattered and divided in big and small states. Causes were many, notably insurgence of Arab and Turk nationalists, the conspiracies of world powers and internal ills and weaknesses of the “Ill man of Europe”.
Now Muslim world became divided in so many states, which often acted as satellite to big powers. Some of them such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and some gulf states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar are prosperous countries in terms of beautiful cities, gigantic shopping malls filled with European goods, in addition to lavish palaces and monumental mosques etc. But when it comes to Arab world, it is the royals, army junta or a privileged class who rule the roost and not the public.
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