Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girls' Schools in Afghanistan Wonder 'What Tomorrow Brings'

Girls walk home from school in Kabul Province, Afghanistan. (Principle Pictures/Screengrab)

Girl Expelled for Getting Married for Fear of Negative Impact on Other Students in Pakistan
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews in a Strop after Knesset Raises Marriage Age
Extremist Detained In Moscow for Recruiting 'Shy Girls'
Yemen Must Ban Child Marriage in New Constitution - Right Group
Child marriage: 11-year-old married to 12-year-old in Pakistan
'Virtual' Filipina girl identifies 1,000 webcam sex tourists
'Devil' caused Egyptian to sexually harass woman in Dubai
Muslim Girl, 14, In Forced Marriage: Judge 'Powerless' To Help
Turkey ‘Conservative’ On Women’s Role
Acid Attack Victim, Pashto Actress Bushra, Cries for Justice
Tanzania: Taking Women's Sense of Dress to another Level
Differences with Zardari’s Sisters Cost Minister Dear
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