Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Al-Azhar Is a Moderate Islamic University جامعة الازهر: طلب العلم ضد التطرف والافكار السيئة

مصطفى عمارة
In an interview with the Iraqi Arabic newspaper Azzaman, the president of al-Azhar University, Osama al-Abd, asserts that Al-Azhar is a moderate Islamic university and that it is independent from the government. He said that knowledge-seeking is antithetical to extremism and evil ideas, and those who transgressed would be dealt with in accordance with the law, after the protests turned from being about expressing ideas and into being about vandalism, destruction and terrorizing students, faculty members and him personally. He said that the institution ensured the dissemination of ideas of moderation and forgiveness and fought extremist tendencies. He averred that there was no tension between Muslims and Christians in Egypt but it was extremists who sought to eliminate both Muslims and Christians, and that Al-Azhar’s role was to educate society and promote citizenship and love among the brothers of the one homeland. There was already a dialogue between Al-Azhar and the church, organised by an entity named Beit al-Eila (House of the Family). Al-Azhar and the church have agreed on restoring all Muslim and Christian houses of worship.
قال أسامة العبد رئيس جامعة الازهر يتحدث ان الغرض الاساسى من الاحتجاجات التي شهدتها الجامعة هو تعطيل الدراسة وهذا لن يحدث ابدا وستستمر الدراسة.
وأوضح العبد الذي يترأس الجامعة في تصريح مطول ل الزمان ان طلب العلم ضد التطرف والافكار السيئة والمخطىء سيتم التعامل معه بالقانون بعد ان خرجت الاحتجاجات من منطقة التعبير عن الرأى الى التخريب والتدمير والارهاب للطلبة واعضاء هيئة التدريس ولى شخصيا وقال انه يتم حاليا التحقيق مع الطلاب الذين اشتركوا فى اقتحام مبنى ادارة الجامعة وستتم معاقبتهم وفقا للائحة الجامعة .

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