Friday, January 17, 2014

Taliban Take Girls Back to School: Afghan Islamists Ease Stance on Education

A few years ago, a woman's place in the mosque was a fringe issue. Now, some are demanding change
Egyptian Actress: Dancing Veiled Women Show Beauty of Islam
Muslim Women Challenge American Mosques: 'Now Is the Time'
Two Arrested After 15-Year-Old Would-Be Jihadist Girl Heads For Syria
Afghan Actress Appears In First Movie That Openly Deals With Sexual Violence
Rwandan President's Widow Takes France to European Rights Court
Gambia Supreme Islamic Council President Denounces 'Indecent Dress Code'
The Afghan Female Politician in Hiding: 'No One Respect Women in Our Country'
Women’s Groups Write Open Letter to UN Condemning Gender Segregation in UK Universities
Banning ‘Revenge Porn: Will Arabs Follow Israel’s Lead?
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