Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prophet Muhammad's Generosity towards Non-Muslims: He Was Always Mindful Of God's Command That All Humans Are Equal Except For Piety and Righteousness

By Varsha Sharma, New Age Islam
The Islamic month Rabi ul Awwal is an auspicious occasion to rejoice the greatest bounty of God, as He sent the seal of the prophets, Muhammad PBUH, as “Rahmatul Lil Aalameen” (mercy for all worlds). He announced it in the holy Quran: “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures” (21:107). God did not send the Prophet PBUH especially for the Arabs or merely for the Muslim community, He rather chose him to be the guiding light for the entire humanity. Therefore, God calls him “Siraj al-Munir” (a lamp of divine radiance). Testifying to this divine truth, the holy Quran says: “So it is those who believe in him, honour him, help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him, - it is they who will prosper.” (7:157).
Since the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent as “Rahmatul Lil Aalameen” (mercy for all worlds), he presented Islam, the religion of his predecessors from the Prophet Adam to Jesus Christ, as an all-inclusive faith with special rights and regards for the non-Muslim communities. He epitomized his teachings of tolerance, inclusiveness and love for all by displaying a gentle attitude and magnanimous behaviour towards non-Muslims. He showed the exalted standard of character and reached the highest rank of morality, as the holy Quran says in Surah al-Qalam (68:4), in his dealings with non-Muslim communities. Right from his childhood days, the Prophet PBUH was known as “Muhammad al-Amin” (fully trustworthy Muhammad) and he kept intact this moral highness of his personality traits later in his young age through to his prophetic career. This became evident when, after his secret preaching for three years, God ordered him to convey his message openly (l5: 94). The Prophet climbed up on to the mountain of Safa and called out all Arab peoples and tribes, from Banu Abdul-Muttalib and Banu Fihr to Banu Ka'b, and announced: “O people, if I inform you that there is an army behind this mountain advancing ahead and is fully ready to attack you, would you believe me?” They replied in unison: “Yes by all means, we would consider such a report from you as absolutely true and authentic, because we have never heard you telling a lie.”

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