Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love Is The Sufi Foundation For Bliss, Says Shaikh Kabbani, Known For His Fatwas Countering Terrorism And Intensive Deradicalisation Of Muslim Youth In America

By New Age Islam Special Correspondent
New Delhi: 6 January 2014

One of the world's most renowned scholars of Sufi doctrines and the spiritual science of Islam, Shaikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani said here today that Sufis believe we should speak spontaneously from the core of our hearts, with no prior preparation, when dealing with subjects like love and peace. He said that letters and numbers are highly significant in Sufi tradition. The Arabic word for love “Hub”, he said, is made up of two letters: Ha and Ba, the first denoting a lovely life and the second referring to the eternal existence of love.

Shaikh Kabbani continued: “My spiritual guru Sheikh Nizami asked me several times to visit India, considering it the place of infinite love and harmony. India is extraordinarily important for Sufis as it has given birth of the towering figures of Sufism. India people are greatly blessed as they live among the holy saints.”

“We view India, he said, as the citadel of learning and spirituality and therefore we show great veneration to the Ulema, Sufis and Islamic scholars born in India.” When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommend his companions by saying “Seek knowledge, even if you had to go to China”, he probably kept India also in his mind. Therefore, Sufis flocked towards India and put stay here for good, he said.”

He posed a question to the audience: what is there in the graves of the Sufi saints that attracts a surging crowd towards them? “It is nothing but their pure and all-embracing love for the mankind irrespective of faith, creed and ethnicity.” He answered

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