Saturday, January 30, 2021

Ill-Informed And Biased Pakistani Journalists And Farmers' Movement in India

 New Age Islam Special Correspondent

30 January 2021

The misinformation and communal propaganda spread by India's 'Godi Media' over the 26 January Tractor March and setting up of Nishan Sahib on the Red Fort seems to have influenced the  biased Pakistani columnists.

On 30 January, 2021, three columnists of Pakistan wrote columns on the Farmers' protests and Republic Day Tractor Parade in the Urdu daily Nawa-e-Waqt but made misleading claims and gave wrong information to the readers of Pakistan on the movement and the Red Fort incident. Their write up was laced with their usual anti-India blubbering. They gobbled up whatever propaganda and misinformation was spread by India's 'Godi Media' and Social media which even Indians don't rely on.

A senior columnist Asar Chouhan wrote:

For the last few months, a movement of Sikhs is going on in the name of farmers' movement. But on 26 January, on the occasion of India's Republic Day, Sikh farmers (in fact), the flag bearers of Independent Khalistan removed the Indian flag from the Red Fort and hoisted Khalistani flag. It's a great victory for them". The title of Mr Chauhan's write up is "Khalistan of the Sikhs: a theat to Pakistan too."

Mr Asar seems to have been misled by India's Godi media that spread the wrong information that the Tricolour was removed by the Khalistanis and the flag of Khalistan was hoisted in its place. He did not bother to verify the news because he was only looking for the 'truth he needed". The fact is that some Sikhs hoisted the Nishan Sahib not the Khalistani flag below the Tricolour. The Indian flag was not removed. He also writes that the farmers' movement is actually the movement of Sikhs. Nothing more can be farthest from the truth. Though the movement was started from Punjab, gradually the farmers of other states and other communities joined the movement. Mr Chauhan is unware of the fact that Hindu and Muslim farmers from Bihar, UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Communist trade unions from West Bengal have also joined the farmers' movement. He describes Khalistanis a threat to Pakistan too but forgets the fact that it was Pakistan that fuelled and aided the Khalistan movement in the 80s.

Another learned columnist Wajihuddin Khan writes that 'farmer leaders had announced that on 26 January they would march towards the Red Fort with their tractors and they did so'. The fact is that the farmers never planned to go to the Red Fort. They planned to hold a tractor rally through the Ring Road. Only some unruly and confused mob deviated from the decided route.

Another learned woman columnist Mosarrat Qaiyyum wrote:

"By hoisting the Khalistani flag on the Red Fort, the Sikhs have made it clear that the Modi government is going and the Sikhs are coming."

She also writes that for the last few years, the Sikh soldiers have been abandoning the Indian army and joining the Khalistan movement and their number is increasing by the day. She also writes that 11000 to 13000 Sikh soldiers have already joined Khalistan movement. She has not given the source of the information and so her claim cannot be verified. On the contrary,  the association of retired Indian soldiers have come forward in support of the farmers' movement and this is no secret.

These ill-informed journalists and columnists of Pakistan are misleading the Pakistani readers. Urdu newspapers of Pakistan should not publish such write ups as their own credibility is marred by such biased and false propaganda material.


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