Monday, July 2, 2012

Women’s role in social revolution highlighted, Islamic World News,

Islamic World News

Women’s role in social revolution highlighted

EDDAH: The women’s wing of Thanima, a cultural organization of Keralite expatriates, organized a convention here recently to highlight the role of women in social revolutions. Jamal Alwaye, Thanima’s chief patron, opened the event saying Islam has shown the middle way for women’s empowerment, between extreme feminism and anti-feminism.

Presenting a paper entitled “Women’s empowerment in Islam,” Shameena Aziz of Al-Hayat International School said women would be able to strengthen their position in society through education, political participation and achieving financial self-sufficiency.

In her keynote speech, Rahmathunnissa, campaign-coordinator for Saudi Arabia, underlined the role of women in bringing up a morally sound generation. She said women should be proud of motherhood bestowed upon them by God and work with men to build a better society.

Sulekha Yaqub, who presided over the function, spoke about the upcoming women’s conference organized by Jamaat-e-Islami in Kerala on Jan. 24, saying the event would play a major role in enlightening women about their rights and duties and their important role in society.

T. Rahmath, Sameera Qutub and Sahida Raheem answered questions from the delegates. The convention began with a Qur’an class by V. Mumthez.

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